Sunday, January 7, 2007

:: weekend yg penat :: tired..just came back from jalan2 carik mainan.hehe.ayong wanted to buy an educational labtop, so we went to toy'r'us@one utama. but sadly, the labtop was not suitable for her.a remote control car?sorry too...hehe.pitty for replacement, ayong bought her shool's needed eventhough skolah dh lame bukak...senyum sampai ke tinge dis kid..i didnt buy anything.ateh also didnt buy bro-in-law?yes..he spent almost 300 bucks just for two tshirts & two slacks...huhuhuhuhu...taulh bru dpt gaji..but thankU sbb blnje kami mkn ayam yg sgt banyak....heheh..*chicken dance*.dats all for now.nite2.

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