Wednesday, March 7, 2007

:: uPdet ::

wohoo...bersawang dh blog aku i said before kalo rajin,aku updet lh..kalo malas jgn harap...well.. last month was fulled with s.a.d.n.e.s.s happiness.ive got so many interviews..ade tue sampai 3 hari berturut2. 1st, kat melaka pastue terus gerak2 khas g bangi.menompang kaseh kat umah gemox2 sbb ade interbiu kat cyberjaya.da next day g plak intebiu kt vsource ngan aini. yg kt kl nie dpt tp ma plak tak bgi.huhu. oo.. my besdei was on 28th February. so please jotdown yer *smbil jeling kat org tue*.tak dpt besdei pezen pon.huhu.sedey2.but i received a phone called from a 'far-far' away person.hehe.but anyway, thank you for all da wishes.yesterday ive had another interview at kausar corporation. company tue sgt best....huhu.interview session dia plak dah rase cam rancangan the apprentice.memule kene jwp case study yg sumenye totally on business.then ade short interview. if i make it to da 2nd round, i need to make a presentation. currently, dis company ade job kat peru and morocco.. so dieorg kate lh.. i repeat, dieorg kate if terpilih, dierog nk anta p sane...hheheh.. i think dat all for now.. nice day ahead ppl..daaa