Monday, April 9, 2007

:: i heart dis job ::

wohoooo.. dealing with a user and developer makes me feel 'oh yes.. i like dis job' hehe.. but for the last week, i have to admit that it was a very hectic weekdays..theres a lot of new thing for me to learn. but it was fun. i have no regret at all. **smangat smangat.haha**

went shopping with famil.sadly abang ngan angah was not here.huhu.bought the candy for abg's weeding and all other needed.tired but fun.

went shopping again.hehe.dis time abg joined us. went to MP for the PC Fair. dint buy anything. ooo..hari ni kene pangkah kat pizza tak gaji lg nie plak yg kene blanje.huhu. then shoot to jaya jusco. wanted to buy a new suit but tak sale plak dat time lh.ateh and along bought shoes. takpe2.tunggulh org dh gaji nnti.heheh.

will update l8er.bye for now.....

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