Tuesday, June 19, 2007

:: purrfect weekend ::
aaahh..what a lovely weekend. mum gave a chance to wake up late on saturday morning. usual routine on weekend = do the laundry , make up rooms..etc.etc.etc. watch muvie then sleep again.hehe.went to pasar malam wit kazen. bought another blouse. nite = watch heroes and supernatural and go to sleep...abang were home. his wife already pregnant.so i guess i'll have another kid to bully play next year.father's day! i think i did wish dad earlier.hehe.we celebrated the father's day at ikan bakar umbai. what a lovely place to be and a delicious food too. thanks mum! hehe.yes it was my mum who baek hati nk blanje us. went home and ZzzZzZZzzz...

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