Tuesday, August 7, 2007

:: T_T ::

mm.it has been 7 days and 6 night. about what? my parents went to cuti2 malaysia while me cant come along since im working lor.huhu. so for da past 6 nights, i slept alone. yes, alone in the house. am i scared? hum.just a lil bit feeling of that but sometimes i felt somebody was there,watching what am i doing.ngeh...so everynite, i slept with the lights on. parents went to angah's house at penang and yesterday they continued their holidays at kl, ateh's house. since my neighbours are also my autie and kazens, so there's no problem about the food.hehe. but im getting bored rite now. i miss to hear my mum's lecture, i miss to hide the astro remote control so abah cant watch the espn, i miss my mum's cooking! but after all i miss them to be around me....sigh.

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