Wednesday, October 10, 2007

:: lalalallal ::

two more days left before the hari raya! i believe all of u feels soooooooo excited. going back to the kg. catch up with the family, old frens, ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.hehe.for me, i dont have any kg to go back since im already stay with my parents.along and angah will be arrive tomorrow. abang too. but along and abang will celebrate the 1st day of eid at their in-law house. so tomorrow, this house is gonna be full with the laughter + crying + fighting among the kiddos. i have 5 nieces and 7 nephews. usually the boys will conquer everything. the bicycle, the ps2 the pc.the girls? they loveeeeeeeeeee to be in my room.huhu.

im not in da mood.and i dunno WHY. till next post.daaa

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