Wednesday, December 19, 2007

:: esok hari raye ::

early in the morning, when im get ready to go to the office, along asked 'why u didnt take a leave today?'. i said, 'so many works need to be i just asked the bos to give the leave on friday'. right before i started the engine.ateh arrived. 'hoi.esok nk raye pon hari nie nk keje ke?' i just gave her smile.

our office will move to the new place. well, it's still in the same building but at the different, all the interns students were busy moving all the books and stuffs from my office and the bos office to the 4th floor. since i have work to do, so i'll come back on the saturday morning to pack my stuff.

aah.i cant wait to go home.the kiddos are coming back house will turn into a 24 hours kindergarten & nursery.selamat menyambut hari qurban ppl.may our sacrifices that have been made will get a bless from ALLAH s.w.t. and happy holidays too..

- oh please....jgn sembelih saya-

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