Monday, December 10, 2007

:: uPdate ::

Enuf with the melancholic mode.its happened when your heart control your mind.ahem.updated on what happened for a past few days:

1) Abah birthday's was on 28th November. Abah was at Penang with mum and i believe that he had a great birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Abah! You know dat i'll always love you rite?hehe. Abah requested a birthday presnt which was.....jeng jeng jeng...u''ll find out below.

2) Mr. Boss just came back from his holidays. He bought me a huge SpongeBob Squarepants towel.Thank u Mr.Bos. Should i wear it or just keep it?

3) Had a meeting at Planetarium Negara last thursday. It was raining hevaily all the way to Kl and all the way back. SoOOooOooo much work to do and everything need to be settle before the end of this year.haiih.luckily, Mr.Bos had gave me one assistant. Yey!again, thank u Mr.Bos.

4) Abah's birthday present safely arrived at our home. What is it? Take a look at the picture below. It's a big dinosaur with a red colour. I'm sure this red diva will love the colour, kan kak red kan?hehe. So after this, i hope that i can become more slimmer lose more weight.

5)Went to JayBee for a wedding ceremony.It was my childhood fren who's get married. Along also came all the way from Mersing. Then we stopped by at Layang-layang, last time i've been here, our old house was still standing. But this time, everything is gone except the red stairs.sob.sob.Next pit stop was Ayer Hitam. Here, u can find any soft toys dat u wanted especially the cartoons character.I've bought a spongebob tissue holder and the seatbelt cover. *im not so sure since when dat i like this yellowish thing.haiih*.I've bought the butterflies too.A LOT.count it your self to see how much butterflies that i bought. The correct answer will get a free stay at Ayer Hitam shop.hehe.

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