Thursday, April 10, 2008


Remember the ICT Program?After Bukit Baru, we went to Serkam, Chenderah and Jasin (last week). Ive been so lucky to have chance to join this Program. Beside teaching them and make a new friends, I think my confidence to speak in front of the crowd has been increased. I am a stage fright, I admit it. So, with the chance given by my boss to give a lecture (on how to start blogging and how to create a multimedia presentation), I hope my voice is not shaking anymore if i need to speak in front of the crowd next time.hehe.

A picture could tell a thousand story. Enjoy da picts!


mari-mari daftarkan diri

ye.hari nie kite nk buat blog ye adik2

cabutan terbuah.but fasi is not allowed.huhu.

dah kat serkam kan.g ikan bakar lh pehtue.hehe

mari pulang


sesi mengangkut barang

dh siap set up.mari carik kedai makan

ngap ngap ngap

space shuttle simmulator

ok puan, kite tukar schedule nie

sape tau, angkat tangan!


dik, akak main sekali eh.hehe

the pyramid that ive built


celebrating at my house

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