Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just came back from the lunch break.Asam Pedas + Gulai Nangka + Ikan Masin + Sambal Belacan + Ulam = Gained another 2kg.*sigh*Today's program went smoothly so far (and hopefully for tomorrow too! ). Oh yesterday, colleagues and I went for a bowling at fun fun.*even Im the most terible bowler.ouch.need to practice harder after dis.hehe* Nurul was also joined us but she didnt play at all.Rizal was our photographer that night.And the best bowler went to....*drum roll please... SARDI! hehe. The other 2 boys also played well.We had our dinner at warong near the Bayview hotel and after that straight back to send Nurul home.*seb baek sempat before 9.30 pm..pheww..*.

I woke up early this morning. At 7.00 am, I was ready to pick up Ubai & Adik when Ive found out that my car was not in the garage. That's mean my parents drove it to the subuh's prayer and having their breakfast at warong pakcik.

7.10 am..

7.15 am..

They still not home yet so that's mean I need to drive abah's car....BUT...I couldn't find the car's key.sob sob.

7.20 am..

7.25 am..

7.30 am-Finally they were home! Picked Ubai & Adik and speed to Selandar.

The 2nd session will start in 15 minutes. Im off to the mosque.See ya later!

Baby blues...

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