Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: Best friend ::

I have two bestfrens. One girl and one boy. The girl, her name is Zarina but her nick name is 'Kaydotte'.Unique, isn't it?We knew each other since we were 13th years old. Gosh. It has been 12 years! Babe, if u're reading this,I want you to know that I still cherish every moment that we spent together back at school!And yes, can't wait to see you on 31st! I'll blog about Kaydotte later coz when I start to tell about her,it will be a long story about our memories.hehe.

Back to my another bestfren.Let's just called him N. I was a bandgirl and he was a bandboy.*It's a marching band.Not a band that perform on the stage.=)* My school was all-girls boarding school. So there's no boy students *i love my school.ahem*. One day, N's school band came to visit our school, especially our band team. I was in Form 4 during that time and being the 2nd senior in the school, we need to entertained them coz the Form 5 students were busy with their SPM trial exam. To make it easier, we divided into a group-tour.There were me, Onim, N, Azizi and Esham, if I'm not mistaken. So we took them round the school, to the class room, to our band room and lastly we (the whole band team) do the marching performance for them. It was a fun day. And it's the beginning of our friendship.

Azizi became my correspond partner. We wrote letter, we exchanged exams paper and Onim also became N's correspond partner. At that time, N and I were not so close. After the SPM, N and I start contact each other.Usually by sms or IRC. The SPM results came out. N passed with flying colours while me just so-so.hehe. He got his matriculation placement at Melaka while me at Penang. *Me and kaydotte were in the same matriculation college and we stayed at the same floor.How lucky was that!* . Like 'so far yet so close' our friendship grew into a very strong bond friendship.

Every time I was down, he was there and the same thing went around. He was the 1st person to wish me during my birthday and the next day after that,I will receive a parcel from him and of course,it's a birthday present.

Our friendship was beautiful.We shared everything.The sweet, bitter,just everything..without any heart feelings. 2 months after the matriculation started, he told me that he got an offer to further to oversea. I was so shocked but of course I was happy for him. He did his A-level here and during my 2nd year at Uni, he flew.Gosh.No words can describe how I felt that time. My best friend was 100000km far away from me.huhu.Before he flew,I gave him a pen as a souvenir and he gave me a POOH.Cute.One week after that, he called me told that he arrived safely. Thanx God.

Our friendship still remain the same. Sometimes he called me or wrote me a letter. If he went to 'cuti-cuti dunia' which makes me soOOo jealous, he will gave me a postcard with a gift. He likes to make surprise too.There's, twice when we're chatting on YM and suddenly he said he had work to do. So I said ok.But an hour after that, he was standing in front of my house. huhu. U've got me.

Our friendship was unique. Sometimes, some of my friends will ask:'Are you and N couple?' and I said "No we're not. We're just best friend". N had a girlfriend but his girlfriend misunderstood about our friendship and they broke up. I'm sorry N if I'm the cause of it. I told N about it but N said it's not my fault.

But today, I think our 10 years of friendship becomes meaningless. I didn't realized when it started but when I knew that he was doing his practical training here, I was shocked. Why he didn't call me? I kept thinking,thinking and thinking until one day I had chanced to chat with him. I asked him about what happened and he just said that it's not my fault. It was his mistake because at 1st, he wanted to surprise me so he sms me with his new number. And I, I didnt know it was him because at the same time, there was another annoyed guy who like to bother me. So I thought it was that annoyed guy and I just replied with angry sms. I said sorry to N about that but N said it's ok.I knew it's not ok because until now,N never reply any of my message.

So N, if u're reading this, I want to say that I am so sorry for everything. For every single and little thing. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Oh. Thanks for the sweet memories too. It will remains..forever.I wish for your happiness in every second of your time. I know that people change but I never thought my best friend will change too....

postScript: My English writing is bad. Yes, I know. I just want to practice to write in English. Sorry for the grammatical errors.huhu

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