Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've been tagged by Nurul Nasyira:

1. What is their name? Start with A.hehe
2. What pet name do you like to call them? pet name? I don't have a pet name for him.lalllala
3. How long have you been together? Almost one year and still counting..
4. How did you meet? back at Uni.
5. What do you like the most about them? The way he treated me...Caring...loving...and the list goes on...
6. What do you like the least about them? He do forget things...(like Nurul said..typical boys.hehe)
7. What is the best thing they have ever done for you? So many things.Thank You for that!
8. Have they met your parents yet? Not yet.
9. What would you kids look like if you had kids? Adorable?hehe
10. What is the worst argument you have had? Oh.We didn't have the worst argument (yet)
11. Do you still kiss a lot? Nop.
12. Who asked who out? Can't remember.
13. Do you think you will get married? Insyallah...
14. Can you see yourself growing old with them? Yes.
15. What is the one thing you would like to change about them? Nothing. I like the way he is.
16. What do you think they would like to change about you? Em..I did asked him and he said:Nothing..So I think I don't need to change anything.lalallala
17. What is the first gift they ever bought you? A cute hand phone charm.
18. Do you have a favorite song together? a LOT!
19. Which famous person do you think they look like the most? Brad Pitt!!..heheh....just kidding
20. Would you say the two of you are a good match? Absolutely!

I want to tag CARROTSUSU!hehe

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