Thursday, July 10, 2008

-along,angah, me and ateh-

I have three sisters.Along, Angah and Ateh.

Being the eldest in the family, Along is a very responsible person. She was the person that took a good care for me went Ma & Abah went to Haji.Twice. 1st when I was in a standard five where I need to 'tumpang' at her school for about one month and the second time was last year. Along will try her best to be there when you need her. **Well, surely Angah and Ateh did the same things too. ** But Along have her own way to treat us as her sister and brother.For every single thing that you did for me Along, thank you.

Angah is the star of the family or we even called her 'anak kesayangan ma'.hehe. Living in a small town called Layang-layang (situated at Johor), Angah makes our family proud when she continued her study at Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC). She always got a good result in her study:SPM with 6 aggregates and 1st class honor for her degree study at USM. But, what makes us as a family proud was when she was the only Malay girl that had been chosen to received 'Anugerah Pelajar Diraja' when the other receivers were Chinese. Angah is a hardworking person. For what she have now, she really deserved it. Thank you Angah for your support (surely more on the money.hikhihhik), for your time and for every thing u did for me.

Ateh is an optimistic person. If she thinks she can do it, she will do it until it success. She is the 'Academic Consultant' in our family and for my cousins too. hehe. Any decision or problem regarding to the academic, she will help. Her advices, her guided and her support ( really help me a lot for what I have become today. Even we always fighting*gado2 manja lah.* and argued, I know what she did was for my best. For what you did Ateh, thank you.

Everdearest my sisters, here are my prays for u..

comfort on difficult days
smiles when sadness intrudes
rainbows to follow the clouds
laughter to kiss your lips
sunsets to warm your heart
gentle hugs when spirits sag
beauty for your eyes to see
confidence for when you doubt
faith so that you can believe
courage to know yourself
patience to accept the truth
and the everlasting love with your family till eternity...

i cant thank you enough sist!

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