Monday, July 14, 2008


Nothing special activity for the last weekend. On Saturday, after the 'non-stop-house-cleaning' I was off to sleep until 5.30pm. Then I went to the night market for jalan-jalan carik makan. Wafiy( my latest niece) was home. So at least I have someone to bully play with.hehe

On Monday, I cooked Nasi Goreng Kampung for breakfast. Then we watched CSI until noon. Since the parents had kenduri so we (my sist-in-law and i)need to prepare our own lunch..*hmm...what to cook.what to cook*. Well, at 1.00 pm, we successfully prepared Ikan bawal sweet sour, sayur campur suka hati and sambal tempoyak. Luckily my bro didnt have a food poisoning after ate it.hehe.

I am not a good chef. ( Expert masak yang simple2 jek.hehe)
I am still learning on how to cook the 'heavy lauk pauk' like masak lemak cili padi or asam pedas.
So when I will become 'Asam Pedas expertise', I'll blog about it...hehe.. =)

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