Friday, September 19, 2008

The day u're supposed to be a programmer.ngeeee =)

Graduated in Science Computer, majoring in software development to be exact, being a programmer is the most suitable job for you. But I'm not a programmer.

My first year back at university, I love C++ and Visual Basic so much. Especially when you are the only person (in your room) that don't need to take the re-test for the lab test. Well, it's motivated me a lot during that semester. :pge34:

But when I was in the 3rd and final year, my passion towards programming has became less and less. My GPA for the final year was the worst compared to the other semester and its affected my CGPA.:pge53:

What cause it? Em.. I don't think I want to share it here.ngeee.

Lately, my job task was about creating a game using Flash. It's noy just a draw, create a motion here and there and so on. Its need to use Action Script. Action Script is a programming language in Flash that allows you to control the movie play back and the action of objects. Read the word programming? So today, I was almost gave up to solve the coding and I'm so depressed about it. It's like that you're in a maze game and you don't know how to get out from there. Ouch.

Take five minutes break. Breath in. Breath out. Continue with the coding. :pge21:

And...hooraayyyy.I've made it! :pge45:

Happy.Happy.Happy. :pge04:

Well, what I've learned back at uni really help me to solve it. Even I'm not a programmer now, but I really enjoy doing my job. :pge57:

Happy break fasting!

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