Friday, November 14, 2008

When Monday oh not so blues anymore [Delayed enTry]

Remember this entry? Well actually it's just a game between the Danau's Staff and the Danau Kaseh residents (Puan Adillah & Doc & the 3 heroes & a heroin). We played at MP. (Unfortunately, Melaka only have two bowling centers and MP is the best).

The game started around 5.30.For a 1st game, I've scored 103! but for the 2nd game, I only got 84 **duhhhh..

Next, we had dinner at Quayside Seafood Restaurant. Located exactly beside the Melaka water mill. A really nice view!The food was just average *The seafood tom yam turned out to be soOOoOOoOo sweet.huhu**.But the beverages was yummy **smoothiessssss...sllrrppp*.

Thanks to Doc & Puan for the enjoyable day!

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