Thursday, December 18, 2008


This week will be the last week for Danau's Intern. As a reward, Dr & Puan had planned a very exciting day out for all of us last Tuesday.

The event started around 4 pm where all of us had safely sat inside the cruise. It was my first time to be on the Melaka Cruise ok! Ada sedikit rase takut sebab wonder nape diaorang tak bagi kiteorg pakai life jacket. Dah lah tak reti berenang! haha :pge20::pge20::pge20:

With Bernard as the story teller, the journey along the Melaka river was fascinating! Bernard was like an old history book. He knows everything about the river. He can tell you when that house is build, what that building will become in a 2011, what the story behind that building and many more! I was so amazing with the knowledge that Bernard have. Did you know the Entrapment movie by Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones? One of the scene was shot at the Melaka river and Bernard can show exactly where it is. At the end of the journey, Bernard said 'Thank You & See you Again' in more than 10 different language. Cool isn't it?

Next, its MAKAN time! :pge04::pge04::pge04:

We went to Quayside Cafe, just a few meters from the jetty. The food was delicious. We had a very great time there especially when the staff need to give a final speech. Dengan tak prepare ape2, belasah je lah ckp. Bak kate Puan, my speech was like kempen pilihanraya. haha.

We also had a birthday celebration for Wana, Nadia and Qere. Happy birthday guys!

Thanks a lot to Dr& Puan for the full of fun and laughter day! We really enjoyed it and the memories will always remain in our heart.

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Lily.Lulu said...

meriah sekarang melaka ...
makin happening !!!