Friday, December 19, 2008

Tag dari NANA

1. upload your favorite picture of you
2. do you think you’re hot?
hot & spicy lagi.boleh?

3. why do you like that picture?
i was sad at dat time but nobody knows.

4. when was the last time you ate pizza?
just now

5. the last song you listen to?
miss independent

6. what are you doing right now besides this?

7. what name you would prefer besides yours?

8.people to tag:
nobody coz i know most of them had done this tag.hehe


biarlah muka tak cantik
asalkan tahu tata- tertib

biarlah muka tak cantik
yang penting hati mesti baik

biarlah muka tak cantik
asalkan jangan jadi macam kacang lupakan kulit

biarlah muka tak cantik
bersyukurlah...inikan ciptaan ALLAH...alhamdulillah


1 comment:

Lily.Lulu said...

anoi ...
lupa lak anoi ada kat melaka kan ..
kalau sempat Insya-Allah boleh la jumpa ...

anoi meh kasi nombor contact secepat mungkin .... hantar kat komen pun x pe .. lily x approve .. nak salin aje

nnt kat sana lily colling2