Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Transporter 3

Just came back from MBO Galaxy Ampang. Oh. I'm at KL right now. Have a wedding ceremony to attend tomorrow at Dewan Risda. Off to KL right after the Asar prayer and safely arrived around 7.30 pm. Ateh drove her car while I drove mine. Anor (my cousin's daughter) also joined us to KL.

Its was a last minute plan to watch the movie at MBO. Since we didn't have anything to do, so Anor and I decided to go to the MBO. My comment about this movie, its awesome!

Script: 5/5
Action: 4.5/5
Acting : 4.5/5
Sound Effect : 4.5/5

What else eh? Well, its worth your RM9! Just go and enjoy it! On more thing, this movie is rated 18SG. So its only for the eyes of 18 years old person and above. hehe..

Good nite ppl......

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Masy said...

ade owang kato x best. ermmm ikot selera memasing gak eh :)