Friday, April 17, 2009

Amandari : The Weddings

Kinda old story but since Kaydotte already sent me the picts so that's why I want to post it in my blog.

Kurin & Musfirah decided to have their wedding ceremony in a same month. Ok they didn't decided but it just coincidence.hehe. Luckily Kurin's was on Saturday and Mus was on Sunday. My cousin's wedding also on the Saturday which makes me stayed only one hour and then challo to Kurin's wed.

Amazingly (chewah..) I didn't get lost ok. Safely arrived at the Kem Wardieburn ...errrr... but with a huge printed google maps on my hand. haha. How I wish my car has a GPS. ;p

Met others amadarian over there. Kaydotte + Ledd and Huda. Kurin was so gorgeous in a white dress. A few hours later, Kaydotte, Leed and me decided to hang out at The Curve. A lot of things we talked about. How I missed my day with the girls at KMPP!

On Sunday, we made a 'Girl's road trip' from KL Sentral to Sabak Bernam. Kaydotte as a driver, Leed as a co-pilot, Huda and Me as the entertainer.hehe. We enjoyed the trip very much! It tooks about 2 hours to reach Musfirah's house. It was a very simple but yet so sweet ceremony.

To Kurin & Mus, congatulations on your wedding.

Semoga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat.

Akhirnya....korang yang kena 'pangkah' dulu ye... hehe


Ina Khairuddin said...

gemoknya aku.
Tula... aku dah lama sangat in denial. Gotta do something about it. fast.
maybe I should join your hip-hop aerobic session. hehe...
let's do kinda video conference/aerobic session, nak!?
that'd be the first....

aNoi said...

Hahaha. Boleh2...
Nanti kita buat video conference utk aerobic session..
Takpon ko join lah celebrity fitness kat midvalley tue..hehhehe