Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who is SHE?

1. Her name is Warsih.

2. She's working as a maid to Angah's family.

3. She is a lazy maid.

4. She likes to do a job that require less energy.

5. She has a husband and a kid back at Indonesia.

6. But.....

7. She fall in love with the Bangladesh who lives next door to Angah's house.

8. She sent a love letter to that Bangla.

9. That Bangla gave back the letter to Abang Ngah.

10. Yes. It was a love letter from Warsih to that Bangla.

11. She is a liar too.

12. There was a guy who came to the house Angah is working and when Angah asked who's that gut, the maid claimed that it was a condo's guard.

13. But....

14. When Angah asked the guard, they said none of them went to Angah's house.

15. She likes to steal the kid's belonging.

16. She has been sent back to her agent.

17. As a conclusion, she can't be trusted at all.

18. End of story.

p/s: Not all maid have problems but MOST of them did. Just beware.

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Masy said...

muko pon ado ciri2 penjenayah. tempeleng kang baru tau