Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wind Down Day..

Last week was a very hectic week for us at Danau. The Nordin Group opening ceremony really turned us into a 'busy-bee'. Everybody was struggling to make sure that the materials needed for the ceremony will be delivered on time. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony went successfully..

So yesterday, as for reward (and as a appreciation to the internship students at Danau), Dr.Zaharim treated us with bowling and pizza!

Scoreboard Group C: First game

Scoreboard Group D: First game

Scoreboard Group C: Second game

Scoreboard Group D: Second game

Scoreboard Group C: Third game

Scoreboard Group D: Third game

The game was happening! (Puan, wish you could join us yesterday... ) We were divided into four groups, A B C and D. I was in group C with Razif, Thony and Hajar. We've played 3 games. Well, everybody was talented.Full with skills!! The spinners, the strikers and not to forget - the cheerleader! hehe. The champion of the game went to.... drum roll please... Group B!

Next, we attacked pizza hut!
Before the day end, the internships need to make a speech. To Shidah, Razif, Qre & Azi, thanks for choosing Danau. Hope the experiences that u've gained with Danau will help u in your future career. :pandacloud_26:

Thanks to Dr.Zaharim for the bowling & the pizza. You're the coolest boss ever... :pandacloud_31:

p/s: Me and Shidah watched Angel & Demons after that. Awesome movie! Will review about the movie later. Keep reading life in mono ya!


Lily.Lulu said...

wahhh ..
main bowling makan pizza
layan beb !!


Hakim said...

ble lg nak men??hehe..kak plak yg blaja