Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being Random

1. I just finished watching Heroes season 3 yesterday. I hate it when they turned Sylar into Nathan. Oi, just let Nathan die-lah! merajuk

2. The Prison Break series already ended. There's one scene that makes me cried...badly. Watch it and u'll know what scene it was. nangih

3. I want to do a marathon series start with Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. Oh and the Desperate Housewives too. Anyone knows where I can get the complete series?Anyone? ihikhik

4. The Biggest Loser is-a-must-watch programme! love

5. I think Nate Berkus is soooooooo cute creative! Watch Oprah if u want to know why. sengihnampakgigi

6. I'm currently reading "If u Could You See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern. They gonna turn it into a movie like they did for "P.S I Love You". sengihnampakgigi

7. I'm waiting Shidah to finish her Angels & Demons so I can borrow the book from her...hehe sengihnampakgigi

8. I want to go eat rojak downstairs.Bye.sengihnampakgigi


Ina Khairuddin said...

beb, start with Grey's Anatomy first. Awesome season!!!!!!!! They just keeps getting better. My housemate bought the whole season dekat kedai cd Tmn Desa. Next time you come to KL, singgah la rumah aku.. heheheheh

aNoi said...


Will do! Aku pon igt nk buat collection cite Grey's Anatomy tue..hehe Okeh. Nanti kalo aku p sana lagi, aku p umah ko eh.... aku amik cuti panjang2... lepak umah ko.hehe