Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Oprah's just now topic was interesting. HOW RUDE ARE YOU?

Before I continue my writing, how about you u try to answer "How Rude Are You" quiz. You guys just need to answer yes or no. I jotted down every question that Oprah asked and here it goes....

1. Are u always late to work?
My answer : Sometimes...almost to No as I might say.

2. Have u ever type an email while talking on the phone?
My answer : No

3. Have u ever interrupted a face to face conversation to take non-urgent call phone?
My answer : Depends on who is the caller...but I take it as Yes.

4. Have u ever gone through a supermarket 10 item express lane with more than 10 items?
My answer : No

5. Have u ever let your dod relieve him/herself on your neighbour's lawn? My answer : No. I dont have a dog.

6. Have u ever stolen someone's parking spot?
My answer : No.

7. Have u ever gosipped?
My answer : Yes.

Last question,
8. Have u ever taken somene's else food/drink from the office refrigerator?
My answer : Yes...Puan Adillah's Dutch Lady milk... I did it sorry Puan for didn't ask your permission first. T__T

Done? So, how rude are you?

I admit that I'm rude for certain people and at certain time.

Dr.Forni, the guest of the show said:"People being rude to others like at the office is because they feel insecure about their position and situation at the office."

I don't know others but for me I will act rudely for those people who act rudely towards me or didn't respect me.

Yes, I know that I'm supposed not to do that and I know that if I want people to respect me, I need to respect them first. I've tried guys but the others? nadaaa...

But I will try to be a more nicer person to people around me because I want to be healthy and be happy.Just to share what I've got from the topic, if u're being rude to people, it'll affect your healthy like u'll get a cardiovascular problem.

It's called collective carma.

What you give, u'll get back or like Justin said "What goes around, comes around". U won't received the same thing but it will get back to u in other way.

So guys, polished up your social and communication skills because it will makes your life more healthier and more happier.

To all the people out there who I've been acting rudely before, I'm sorry. Truely sorry.

So guys, be nice to others ok!

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