Friday, January 15, 2010

The 7 months Relationship

It was a warm night. He was at Ipoh while I was at my home. We still hooked with the SMS until one of his sms stunned me. I didn't remember the whole sms but part of it was:

"Do u want to be my cinta hati".


"Are you seriuos?"

"Yelah. Kenapa pulak tak serius?.Nak ke tak?" he replied.

Er. Yes he is not so romantic person but can he just be romantic at least for that moment? haih

My answer? Of course

But the sky is not always bright. The birds are not always fly. On our 7 months together, we broke up.

And yes, it took more than you can imagine to heal the broken heart...


Ichi said...

comelnye teddy bear pink saya bertanya sebegitu...hehe..

p/s: do u want to be my cinta hati?
(ops, ini saya nak tanye plak kat teddy bear pink tu sendiri..bolehkah? :p)

Missc0mot said...

ehemmm..ehemmm akk ichi oi...agagagga ^.^"

kSana kate..:xboleeeeeeeeeeee =.="

aNoi said...

Boleh ajeee... nanti sy tgk teddy bear pink mahu reply ape.. hehe

Biarkan..biarkan.. hehe

dialicious said...

brokeup ?then cont balik?

aNoi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! =)
Yup..broke up..pastue sambung balik...