Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Mending of Broken Heart

Broken heart, hurts..a lot.

I was not so me during the healing phase. I became moody, quite and ignorance person. I tried to pretend like nothing happened but I failed.

He kept sms me to ask how was I going. Have you eat?How's your day? and so on...

I didn't know the answer so I didn't reply any of his message. Why would he care anyway?

I was being cold-hearted.

He still sms me every night before he went to sleep but still, I didn't reply.

But on the fifth day, I replied one of his sms.

"Hi" "Hi. Kenapa tak reply? Bz ek?"

Yes. Busy to heal my broken heart!

One of his sms was "Janganlah tunggu lagi. Jumpa yang lebih baik teruskan..jangan tunggu lagi."

And my last reply was:

You take the breath right out of me
U left a hole where my heart should be

I typed it with tears in my eyes...


missc0mot said...

then ape jdik pastu...
xsbr plak....... =.="

Umar Abdul Aziz Bin Hj Mohd Affandi Bin Abdul Rahman said...

blog yg cun,bleh visit n link x blog ni

Ms. Omey said...

certain things like mending a broken heart seems easy to men rite?
unfortunately, not for women :(

amiza said...

bersabar la..moga2 u'll get a better person

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

aNoi said...

Tunggu episod seterusnya.hehe

Thanks for dropping by :)


huhu.he's now my fiance...

Thanks for reading.. :)