Monday, March 29, 2010

The Preparations

73 days to go. My oh my.. how time flies..

Here are my preparations so far..

The Nikah form: NOT DONE YET!huhu

Nikah outfit: Sent to the tailor.

Mak Andam - Done! Hope the dress maker will not go wrong with my theme colour. It's ROYAL-YELLOW. Not soft-yellow, gold-yellow or whatever yellow. I want a ROYAL YELLOW. Yes dear reader, my wedding theme is ROYAL YELLOW.

Photographer- Done! Do visit Hope the outcome is superb!

Goody bag:
For VIP & Groom side - 50% Done. Bought the bags, flowers + cute hand fan but still can't decide one more item to add on.
For the guest - 50% Done.

The bedroom set: Still survey.

The house decor: 50% Done! Curtain by my mum. Thank you mum! love u very the much! hehe

The Hantaran : DONE!

The Hantaran Decor: Not yet.

Gamelan & Caklempong group: Booked!

Canopy: Booked!

The Chef: Booked!I didnt use a catering service. Everything will be cooked at my home..yummy yummy..

Well.. hope the plan will run smoothly~~~


amiza said...

all the best for your wedding preparation!!

amiza said...
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aNoi said...

Thanks amiza!