Monday, October 18, 2010

Our.10th Year Reunion

Date: 16 October 2010
Venue: Bora Ombak, Ampang
Overall: Awesome!

Our 10th Year Reunion was totally awesome. After 10 years we left the school, we're still the same 'WE'.

We talked loud.
We laughed out loud.
We ate a lot!

10 years story in one night? Not so much we can do so we just talked and talked and took pictures the whole night! It was like a roll call after our long holiday back at school. hehe

After all, it was so nice to meet up with everyone. Afzan, Syiekin & Faezah brought along their cute little babies. Ikmal is getting married on 7th November. Bob & Cher came all thew way from Penang to join the reunion. Afzan also drove from Kuantan purposedly for the event and the rest who join and make the event happening!

Thanks to Atikah, Kaydotte & Aliza for organizing it!

And for STF Class 96-00, let's keep in touch.

Enjoy the pictures!

With Kaydotte, my BFF.. ^^

Pijad, my team mate in volleyball, and my classmate. She has a cute little daughter!

Huda Karim. Our head prefect. Married and has one little cute princess.

Mimi Maisarah. She wore our outing attire on that night. ^^

Najwa, our drum majorette. She's getting married soon! ^^

Che Rohaizan & Afeef [Afzan's cute lillte one]. Cher was my dorm mate. D1-8 clan!

Azraa & Gee. They were school hockey players!

My dorm mate from FORM 1- FORM 4, Gee & Ismalina.

Band girls! Kum & Bob

From left: Cher, Bob, Nik, Azraa, Kaydotte, At, YoursTruly & Afzan


United we stand Tun Fatimah! <3


ederq said...

beshnya! ala mimi comel pakai baju outing. hahahaha!

amiza said...

senah, next year buat reunion lagi..our next destination, melaka maybe??

aNoi said...

Mimi mmg cool dengan baju outing tue. hehe rugi ko tak datang!

Insyallah boleh..wahh..kalau di Melaka memang sangat di alu-alukan..^^