Monday, November 14, 2016

Testmoni : JOY

A testimoni from my dear friend, Padi

☀️We had JOY, We had season in the sun☀️
I seldom write about YL's emotional blend range. Well, sincerely, when I first started oiling, I am more interested with oils that are able support my family physical wellbeing. 

Then, one day (sometimes in July) Amiza Amincame to my home for a sharing session and later after the sharing session was done, Ayman started to throw tantrum. Yes, he looks bubbly and cute but once he snap, just stay away, I repeat, stay away! Ayman being the middle child, he struggles catching up with his big brother, Afnan and sometimes he wants to be cuddle like baby Aisha. You can see the conflict now, right?

So, after witnessing the terror, Amiza told me to try out JOY, use it everyday (morning and night before Ayman goes to sleep). Pheww, he cool down a lot after few days applying the protocol, both of us, Adif and myself can actually see the difference (this is among the reason why my husband is so in love with the oils too, peace parenting yaw✌🏻️).

Then, another friend shared about her son too, similar issue, told her the same thing that Amiza taught me, Alhamdulillah, she observed improvement too, a lot of improvement! This made me much much happier, to share and able to make other people's life easier and happier.

I was using JOY this morning, and suddenly the whole story caught me, the most important part in doing Young Living Business is to enjoy YL as your lifestyle, tell stories and keep sharing. Isn't it lovely? 

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